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Research - Cryogenics & Measurement Solutions


Closed Cycle Refrigeration systems for various research applications :

  • Photoluminescence
  • Hall Effect and Resistivity
  • Mossbauer Spectroscopy
  • X-Ray Diffraction
  • Microscopy
  • Customized specific applications

Variable Temperature Inserts

Superconducting Magnet

Research LN2 Cryostat ( pour in ) and LN2 cryostat for thermometry calibration

LN2 Generators complete compact system upto 24 litres per day capacity ( require no LN2 )

Cryogenic accessories

Attachment kits for Pellets, bars, Thin films, Multiple electrode arangement with reference electrodes, Microstructured thin film electrodes, Microelectrodes and micro contacts

Sample holder and kits based on :

  • Thin film Van der Pauw measurements
  • Impedance Spectroscopy
  • Current voltage measurements
  • Thermally driven tracer exchange measurements for isotopes
  • Voltage driven tracer exchange measurements for isotopes 

Plug and Probe test station for thin films and pellets
                                                                                    Electro-chemical contact station for elevated temperatures 

Specialized solutions

For your cryogenic researches and use with cryostat :

- Linear, Rotary, X-Y, XYZ, Z movements of sample

- Manipulators

- Transporters

- Feedthroughs

- Inserts


 An all in one solution in a single compact unit

7 1/2 digit multimeter, self calibrating, 12ppm best accuracy on DC Voltage ( 0.02% DC Current, 0.06% AC Voltage, 0.04% AC Current ), AC / DC Voltage / Current, Resistance 4Gohm, RTD, Thermocouples, Frequency to 350kHz

Add on inbuilt options available for :

SMU 60V / 10A, 0.02% ( source measure unit )

PPS 60V / 1A, dual channel, 0.1%, 4 quadrant ( programmable power supply )


Function Generator

Electromagnet & Hall Effect System

PC Based with water cooling ( built-in chiller ), continuous duty

Magnetic strength : (-)1.6T to (+)1.6T, 1mT resolution, 0.5% accuracy, at 10mm gap

Current : (-)3.5A to (+)3.5A

Hall effect probe : 100mm to 150mm length adjustable, or more

Two modes of operation - constant current mode and constant field mode. 

In As hall probe comes with a post and post holder making it easy to position at the desired position between or near the poles