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Renewable Energy Solutions - Wind & Solar

Laboratory Standard Reliability Test Equipment as per IEC

Mechanical Load Test Stand with four suction cups per cylinder

Equipment for testing of robustness of terminations: Retention of junction box on mounting surface, Test of cord anchorage “Torque test”

Equipment for potential induced degradation (PID) test

Outdoor exposure tester, Hail tester, Module breakage tester, IV Curve tracer, Byepass diode tester,  Peel-off tester, Electrical Safety Tester, PD Test set for inverters, UV Chamber

Simulators, Test Stations for Solar / Wind

Wind energy Panel Simulator set

Workstation for Photovoltaics

Photovoltaics : Component Panels / Isolated 

Photovoltaics : Mobile Test Station

Trainer kits : Solar Technology - Pump Cycle / Thermosyphon Principle, Thermic Solar System, Heat Pump, Heat Pump VARIO

IV Curve Tracer - Portable

1500V Multifunction I-V Curve Tracer 

Measurement of efficiency of a single-phase photovoltaic system ( optionally three phase )

Measurement of I-V Curve of a module or of a string up to 1500V/10A - 1000V/15A

Measurement of open-circuit voltage of a module or of a string (Voc) 1500V

Measurement of short-circuit current of a module or of a string (Isc) 15A

Measurement of irradiation and temperature ( optional )

Internal database of the modules

Current and voltage measurement at modules/strings output

Optionally available interface system for measuring and recording the efficiency of a single- and three-phase, single- and multi-string photovoltaic system

Solar Test Kit

Including Photo Voltaic Installer Kit, Irradiance Meter, Insulation Tester, Clamp, Software and accessories. All in one solar kit to measure :

PV string voltage Voc, PV string current Isc, Voltage polarity

PV system isolation resistance Riso, PV string series resistance Rs

PV string impedance curves (overall degradation check)

Position of ground (Riso) faults in PV strings, Position of disconnect in PV strings

Tone generator and acoustic pickup for cable tracing, Module bypass diode check (open or short diode), Module shunting resistance (PID and degradation check), Module voltage check, Riso faults in PV strings – monitoring mode, Irradiance, Compass, Inclinometer, DC Clamp (optional)

Machine algorithm to help the user analyse fault scenarios

Built in PDF and .CSV report generator   Operate over WiFi using any device and WEB browser    

Other instruments available : Power Analyser, Thermal Imager, DMM, Clamp meter, Insulation / Earth Tester

Solar Plant setup, 100kW to 4MW

Design, Engineering, Supply & Installation services for 

Solar Power Plants 100kW to 4000kW ratings

Scope includes :

Design, Calculations, Engineering, Site Layout

Supply of solar PV modules,  Inverters and accessories

Software for evaluation, control, real time analysis

Installation / Commissioning / AMC

Electricity Board approvals and grid connectivity