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Electrical Testing

Static Frequency Converters - For transformers upto 800MVA, 765kV or more

Next Generation technology system superceding the traditional method of an M-G set.       

- Requires very less space

- 30% lower in cost

Suitable for :

Heat run, load loss and no-load testing; Induced overvoltage and partial discharge testing

SFC System comprises of :-

Regulator, Regulated booster transformer, Capacitor bank, Step-up transformer, Column regulators, SF6 circuit breaker, RC Filters and Surge arrestors, Rogowski coil CT’s, PLC and HMI, Software, Cables and connectors, Busbars, SCADA control system

Conventional Motor Generator Test Set 

Applications : Aircraft, Renewable Energy, Transformer Testing

MG Test set upto 22MVA, 12kV

Frequency : 50/ 60 Hz, 400Hz, Variable frequency, 100 to 200 Hz, 90 to 400 Hz, 25-1200 Hz

Advantages : Long life, Zero maintenance, Low harmonic, Low impedance, High over load capacity, 1.0 power factor at input

High Voltage Test Equipment for electrical equipment

High Voltage Dividers ( AC / DC ) with metering

High Voltage Standard capacitors ( upto 1200kV )

Impulse Voltage Test System : upto 9500kV

Impulse Current Test System : upto 200kA

DC Voltage Test System : upto 2500kV

AC Test Transformer : 50 - 500kV / 0.2 - 2A

AC Resonant Test System : 50 - 1000kV / 1-10A

Continuously Variable Voltage Auto Transformer 450 Amps, Capacitance Bank 500 kVAR 

Booster Transformer (300kVA), High Voltage High Frequency Test Set 100 kVA 

Three Phase Switch, 40kV, 2000A ( Making Switch with Back-up guard Protection Circuit Breaker and Control System ) 

Electrical Testing & Measuring - Onsite and Offsite

Vacuum Interrupter Breaker Test Systems

Winding Resistance Meter,  Contact Resistance Meter, Ohmmeter


Insulation Tester, 5kV /10kV /15kV

Cable Fault Test set

Power Analyser

CT/PT Test set

Relay Test set

Magnetics Analyser

Impulse / Surge Tester : 5/10kV

Automatic Oil Test Set 0-100 kV 

Loss Measurement Systems

For Transformers, Shunt Reactors, Motors, Generators

LMS system consisting of :-

Power Analyser, three phase, Precision Current Transformers, Potential Transformers / Divider, Rack system, Fibre optic cables and connectors

Rating : 100 / 200 / 300kV l-g; 1000 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000A

System uncertainties for power < 1.1% at cos phi of 0.008

Mobile Laboratory consisting of LMS, SFC also available

Design, Engineering & Consultancy Services

Test Bay for transformers, motors, generators, cables, instrument transformers, vacuum interrupters etc.

High voltage test laboratory for transformers upto 800MVA / 765kV, Cables, Instrument transformers, etc. 

Faraday cage shielded high voltage laboratory 

Test Field : 10kV / 35kV / 66kV / 110kV / 220kV / 500kV / 750kV / 1000kV or more

In collaboration with ex CPRI Scientists, Germany / Switzerland Power Professionals and IOT experts from IIT's